Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (better late then never)

I have started doing Menu Plan Mondays again! I love it! It is such a wonderful way for me and my family to stay organized, healthy, and we have fun with it. I love food and I love it goes well together. Plus it is such a great feeling knowing exactly what is going in my family's bodies! I get recipes from all over but I usually will alter the recipe a little so that I am using as all organic, local, vegetarian, and healthy ingredients! So, when I post a recipe please know that we are using these healthy and organic ingredients. Our family has started making some major changes on the way we eat. We now focus on sustainable, local, organic, healthier foods. Cutting out processed foods is extremely hard and we are still struggling to fully accomplish it but we are trying and taking the steps we need to. In a post later this week, I will go into more detail about our changes and share some books and movies titles that I think everyone should check out! I am passionate about spreading the word of eating locally and organically for our bodies, this beautiful planet, the animals on the earth, and our local economy. Stayed tuned for more musings about this topic.

I will link any recipe that I found online. Any recipes that are my own or found in a cook book I will put at the end of my post. Have fun reading and if you want to see more menus check out Happy eating and cooking!

MONDAY- Katie's (my sister) Birthday Celebration at Roses Deli

TUESDAY- Butternut squash ravioli with multi grain artisan bread

WEDNESDAY- Leftover buffet

THURSDAY- New Years Celebration in a cabin on Mt. Hood!
Baked Spaghetti with Ceaser salad and garlic bread

FRIDAY- 2nd night at the Cabin
Black Bean Burgers and homemade potato fries

SATURDAY- Veggie Stir fry

SUNDAY- Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon with roasted potatoes and winter squash

"The belly rules the mind." ~Spanish Proverb