Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Growing & Menus

We are growing!  And growing!  Our garden in our backyard and my parents back yard is exploding right now.  Everything is coming to life.  It is amazing!  My oldest little one has been very interested in growing with us and he is learning a lot.  I love that he is soaking up all of this as a little one.  One day......we will have our little farm that he grow up on!  One day!

Our menu is wacky and short this week.  It is summer time and we are in the middle of all the fun adventures!  But I wanted to share the few summer items that I am cooking up this week.


MONDAY:  BBQ-Salmon Burgers, corn on the cob, grilled pineapple, and kale chips

TUESDAY:  Attending a dear friends wedding

WEDNESDAY:  BBQ with some family!  Bringing Black Bean Salad & Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

THURSDAY:  Picnic at my son's summer camp.  He is in his first play!!!!  Veggie/Hummus Wraps, cherries, and leftover black bean salad

FRIDAY:  Out of town for the weekend!


"It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato." -Lewis Grizzard