Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my best friend

Today in my home we are celebrating two years of marriage and love!  Two years ago I married my love, my best friend, and soul mate.  I feel blessed every day to be walking this journey with him.   I couldn't imagine my life without him.  Plus I am super blessed to have a husband that goes along with all my crazy ideas!  Thanks babe!

We were blessed with the most beautiful day on the Oregon Coast!  Very rare!   It was almost like the day was meant for us to be there in that exact place uniting our love!  

I usually end my posts with a quote but today I am choosing to share with you the song we chose for our first dance as a married couple.  We choose this song because it symbolizes the friendship we have on top of true love for each other.  Plus it is one of our favorites to road trip to and sing obnoxiously loud in the car together.  Enjoy!  

P.S.  I am joining the blogging world again with a full force next week.  I needed to get a good routine down in order to find time to blog.  Late night blogging here I come.  Stay tuned to more frequent posts about babies,  preschoolers, mommyhood, pregnancy, life, and saving this planet one blog post at a time!  


  1. gorgeous photos! congratulations :)

  2. yay! glad you are back...looking forward to your upcoming posts!
    and congrats on two years!

  3. our 6 year anniversary is tomorrow:-) September is the best month to get married!


  4. Congratulations! Really glad that I found your blog@@

  5. Thank you everyone for the Congrats and for reading my blog! It means the world to me!

  6. Wow, nice photos. My sister is also going to celebrate her very first wedding anniversary. They will be hosting a grand party at wedding venues Chicago and will invite all their friends and relatives. Actually they had very small intimate wedding so now they want to celebrate anniversary as if it is their wedding day.

  7. Nice shots!
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