Friday, June 4, 2010

Song of the Week - Just Breathe

I am obsessed with music! I blame it fully on my father. Since I was a baby, he would play all kinds of awesome loud music for me and we would dance in the living room! My mom always tells me stories of him keeping me up late just to listen to music. Thanks, dad! I'm glad he did because I love music and the music knowledge I gained from it.

I have listened to Pearl Jam since I was in 8th grade....which was 17 years ago when I was 13. Wow....that made me feel old when I did the math! Since the first time a friend let me borrow Pearl Jam's TAPE (yes..I said tape), I have loved them. Pearl Jam really truly symbolizes the beginning of my teenage years and my love for alternative/punk music. I was starting to feel rebellious and not really going for what was mainstream. Although, Pearl Jam did become mainstream to a point, they strove not to be the typical grunge band. I appreciated that and the beautiful music and lyrics they make.

I picked the song Just Breathe by Pearl Jam to share with you all today. I researched this song to see if I could find out what Eddie Vedder's meaning was behind his lyrics. Although I couldn't find an actual meaning for this song, I did read what other people's interpretations were. I read it was about love, death, God, and finding yourself. Like any piece of great art, what matters is how you interpret it and how it makes you feel. My personal interpretations is that it is a simple beautiful love song. Whatever that love might be...a lover, a child, a friend, God, or life. And with that love, hold it close to you and let it help you just breathe.

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