Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sewing and Menus

One of my goals this year was to get more comfortable with my sewing machine.  Doin' it and lovin' it!  I haven't gotten too fancy with the machine but I feel pretty comfortable with the few projects that I have done.  It feels pretty darn awesome to be able to create my own things even if they aren't perfect.  But I actually love the imperfections in my creations.  In my eyes they are perfect and in my dreams my grandchildren will think they are perfect too.

My latest creation was my Christmas tree skirt.  I found one I loved online but it didn't have any kind of tutorial.  So I asked my aunt if it was doable and she said it would be pretty simple.  I went to her house two days in a row and got it done (with her amazing help of course and two kids in tow)!  My husband was out of town with our camera, so unfortunately I didn't take any pictures except for afterwards!

Since I don't have any fun pictures to go along with this.....I will share a short version of how I made my tree skirt.  It was pretty simple!

-Using two yards of burlap, I cut out a 50 inch circle with a slit and circle in the middle.
-I then cut out some muslin to match the burlap in size.  I then pinned the burlap and the muslin together.
-I wanted a ruffle, so I took some soft scrim style fabric and tea-stained it.  Then I took the fabric and pinned it between the burlap and muslin.
-With all those pins in place, I sewed the edge of the circle, slit, and middle circle together leaving about a 6 inch gap.
-I then turned the fabric inside out through the gap and GASP......a tree skirt.  It was exactly how I wanted it.
-I then added some strips of satin ribbon to the slit for ties and sewed up the gap.

It isn't perfect but it is definitely perfect for me and I love it!  I can't wait to start sewing more things and especially my own children's clothes.  A HUGE goal of mine!  What a better way to be sustainable then to make my own children's clothes!  There is just something about putting your own time and sweat into something you use and wear!  The sewing machine can be a bit intimidating but I will share more of my creations (and difficulties) as I get braver with the machine.

Here are some pictures I took of the skirt after it was all done.

I am posting my menu SUPER late this week.  It is a busy time of year but I still wanted to share some dinner ideas for you all!  My Christmas week menu will be up on Monday!  Even with all the temptations this time of year we are doing our best to eat organically and as healthy as possible.  But we are still enjoying some pretty delicious food!


MON:  Whole wheat spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and a green salad

TUES:  Garlic Tilapia Pasta (used less butter and less spice)

WED:  Veggie stir fry over brown rice and Egg Drop Soup (We used veggie broth instead)

THURS:  My husband's work Christmas party

FRI:  Snowman Pizza and green salad

SAT:  Baked salmon, baked potatoes, and steamed broccoli

SUN:  Leftovers and a big green salad


Memories are stitched with love.  ~Author Unknown

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