Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Menus and Sending Hope to Japan

As I sat yesterday to write my menu for the week, I felt some guilt come over me.  I am sitting here worried about what I am going to make for the week and the people in Japan and many others in this world are worried if there are going to eat at all this week.  My small issues are so trivial compared everything going on through out this world especially Japan's devastation.

The day of Japan's earthquake I awoke at 5:30am and couldn't sleep.   I decided to get out of bed and get online to check my normal things, coming to find out about the devastation that was occurring in Japan.  I sat watching the footage with tears rolling down my face.  It is hard to even grasp or truly understand the severity of it all.  My heart and love goes out to all of our brothers and sisters in Japan.  I know that we are so far away from the devastation in Japan but we are connected.  Our planet is our home, we are all a family and we are all affected.  This is so big!  It is time we start listening to our planet.  She is tired and trying to tell us to be kinder to her and to one another.  To tread lighter on her.  As I watched the events unfold in Japan this weekend, I was wishing that I could do more than just watch from overseas.  So, when a friend shared a link with me, it motivated me to help a little.  Even though we can't do much, I know that even a little bit will help someone in Japan who has lost everything.  The link my friend shared is from Mother Nature Network (a great website), who lists all the different ways you can help Japan!  Click here....How to help Japan now!  We have chosen an organization on this list and donated to it.  If you are in the Portland area, you can also go to the Japanese Gardens to view the Wish Arbor as a Memorial for the victims in Japan.  Click here for more information on the memorial.  One planet, one family, one love!

I am posting my menu this week, wishing I could prepare each meal for all the victims in Japan.


MONDAY:  Vegetable egg stir fry with brown rice

TUESDAY:  Homemade veggie pizza and fresh garden salad

WEDNESDAY:  Slow Cooker Vegetable Barley Soup and leftover pizza

THURSDAY:  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Veggie sausage, Red Potato Irish Colcannon, and roasted aspargus

FRIDAY-  Leftovers and a green salad

SATURDAY-  Cappellini with shrimp, lemon, and basil (*recipe posted next week)

SUNDAY-  Almond Crusted Salmon, steamed broccoli, and whole wheat couscous

For more meal planning inspirations, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie every Monday.

What are you cooking this week?

Peace, love, and understanding,
"When things are at there worst, people rise to be their best " -Santana


  1. What a touching post! My heart aches for all the people in Japan. Thanks for sharing the link! I will be using that link.


  2. what a great blog! I`m so happy I found it! Here is so many inspirations and I love it! <3

    Have a nice time,

  3. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie and Paula! And for the kind words!


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