Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Small Change- March

My February One Small Change(s) went amazing, as usual.  It has felt so good, to be doing all of these changes for our planet and for us.  People ask me if it is too much work but it is mostly pretty simple.  Simplicity is the solution to most of these changes.  We did have two hiccups this past month when trying to achieve a couple of our goals.  The first one was having to reschedule our SOLV's neighborhood clean-up.  Life happens and sometimes we can't do everything we hope to do!  We rescheduled to do the neighborhood clean-up in the beginning of April.  I will make sure to tell you all about it.  Our other hiccup (and the saddest) was our point and shoot memory card was lost with all of our pictures of our tree planting on it.  Major sad face!  I hope it shows up soon so I am able to share the pictures of the awesome time we had planting.

During the month of February, I had a great time with my mama making our produce and bulk bags.  I will share how I made them on a separate blog this week!  The tree/bush planting was so much fun.  My son had a great time and I am so glad he was able to experience this at a young age.  The weather was quite bizarre this past month with some rain, sun, snow, and ice.  Every chance we could, we got outside.  I will continue being outside more this coming month.

Here are a couple "teaser" shots of when we made our own produce bags.  By the end of the week I will post a blog all about how I made them.  

My March One Small Change Plan: 
  • We are joining SOLV with their Spring Beach Cleanup.  I have done this in the past with family and enjoy my memories from it.  We usually pick the Manzanita, Oregon area since it my absolute favorite beach from growing up there.  If you are in Oregon, please check out SOLV's website and join the clean-up.  Help keep our beautiful beaches and ocean clean!  
  • My son's birthday is this week.  We are having a small party with some of his little friends and our family.  I am choosing to do eco-friendly party favors in place of a plastic or a sugar coated favor.  Since Spring is around the corner, we are going to be giving out little growing pots with a packet of seeds.  Pictures will be up of this! 
  • I am starting my spring cleaning the "green" way.  I am only going to do the first three steps of my spring cleaning this month and will be at it full force next month in preparation of our new little one arriving in the summer.  My first step of spring cleaning this month is reducing our stuff.  I will be carefully going through every corner of my house and making a pile of stuff we don't need anymore.  My next step is reusing!  I won't be throwing away this pile of stuff we don't use anymore.  My goal is too keep most of it away from our landfills.  I will go through it and make sure there is not another use for it either at our house or our farm.  My last step for the month is donating.  All the stuff that I know we can't reuse will be donated.  I have a few plans of where I want to donate this stuff to and let you all know.  I will share the rest of my green spring cleaning steps (there are 10) next month.  
I will share how this went with pictures at the end of March.  Check out my first One Small Change to see why I am doing this challenge or if you are new to my blog.  Also, check out the One Small Change blog for more ideas about environmentally friendly changes you can make. 

What changes are you making to lessen your carbon footprint on this planet?

Happy March,


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." -Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

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