Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Curveballs & Menus

You know when life throws those curve balls at you so hard that it hits you in the face!  That happened to us last week!  Totally throwing us for a loop!  It was emotional in every aspect that I can think of.  I am choosing to not share what exactly this curve ball is on my blog but just to write about our feelings on such life changing events.

When things happen in your life unexpected and throws things off a little there are two things you can do.....sit and dwell on the negative part of this circumstance or you can move forward and realize the good that is coming from the situation.   My husband and I have chosen to move forward.  Deep down we know how much of a blessing in disguise this was.  We were able to sit, reflect, and remind ourselves what our life intentions really are.   We are excited!  We revisited our major "goal list" again and we are ready!  With the world at our finger tips, we are ready to dance together in our next adventure with our boys on our backs!  For now we are remembering to food, our world, and our family!!!!!
On to an important part of our life..... nourishing our soul and body!  Our weekly menu!  I made my own recipe last week!!!!!  I am SO excited to share it this week with you all!  I have played around with making my own recipes all the time but I finally made the time to write it down and be precise.  I love knowing exactly what I am putting in my families bodies.


MONDAY: Grilled Salmon (freshly caught by my amazing brother), grilled asparagus, and grilled pineapple

TUESDAY:  Spinach-Ricotta Stuffed Shells and a fresh green salad.  Having my brother and sister in law and their precious new baby boy over for dinner.  They just moved here for the summer!

WEDNESDAY:  Vegetable stir fry over brown rice

THURSDAY:  Dinner with some girlfriends for my birthday!!!  My boys will have tuna pasta salad and homemade bread!

FRIDAY:  Big family backyard birthday fiesta with my family!  And lots of them.  We have a lot of my husband's family in town right now.  So we chose to get them all together to celebrate!  We are have a taco bar and a salsa bar!

SATURDAY:  Spring Pizza, salad, and steamed artichokes

SUNDAY:  Mother's Day Picnic with my family!  I am bringing goat cheese & crackers, homemade hummus & veggies, and making a Lemon Pound Cake!

What are you making this week?


"Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without."  -Buddha

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  1. they say with the solar eclipse that it can indicate new chapters being written...may this be a beautiful one for you and your family!!!


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