Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Small Change- February

I never win things.  Never!  But yesterday I won!  I entered my January's One Small Change at the One Small Change blog giveaway and they choose ME!  Little 'ol me!  I won a homemade eco-friendly coozie from Peaceful Peacock.  I am so excited.  Thank you Suzy from One Small Change and Julie from Peaceful Peacock!

My plan for February's One Small Change is, as usual, going to be a few small changes.  There is just always so much to do to help this planet and the people on it, that every month I usually come up with more than just one change. 

February's Plan:
  • I will be sewing and making my own produce and bulk reusable bags with my mama.  We always use our own reusable grocery bags but find that I am still using the plastic produce and bulk bags. I did reuse the plastic bags but they eventually get torn or yucky, so I end up throwing them away.  UGH....it kills me every time I throw away those bags. So I ordered some reusable produce bags from reuseit.com and those will work perfectly.  BUT I wanted to make my own bags, so that I can make them more personal-able and practice my sewing skills since I have sewing plans in my future.   My mama and I will be using muslin fabric because it will hold my bulk purchases as well as any produce.  
  • I signed up for one of my city's tree plantings in a local wetland.  My husband and son will be joining me on this one. I believe it is important to always involve your kids in activities like this, to teach them about "being the change."  If you are interested in tree plantings in your area, check out your city's website and volunteer information. 
  • I also signed up for SOLV's neighborhood cleanup.  We will be going to Portland's NW industrial neighborhood to help clean up garbage and litter.  I am excited to bring my camera and take pictures in this area too.  SOLV is a wonderful organization that focuses on cleaning up Oregon's land....beach, rivers, parks, and streets.   I have worked with them before on the beach clean-ups and plan on doing it again this year in March to help clean-up, Manzanita Beach, my favorite beach and the one I grew up on! 
  • I will also be focusing on my family and I being outdoors more this month.  Why work so hard to save this planet and not go out and enjoy it?  Of course, we love being outside and we do lots of outdoor activities but with the weather being cold and wet the past two months, it has been hard!  So I will be refocusing on outdoor activities.  With the seasons changing soon and our farm getting ready for Spring, we have lots planned to be outside and to enjoy our beautiful mother nature. 
I will be sharing how all this went at the end of February with lots of pictures.  Check out my first One Small Change to see why I am doing this challenge or check out the One Small Change blog for more ideas about environmentally friendly changes you can make.

What changes are you making?

Happy February,


"He that plants trees loves others besides himself." -English Proverb


  1. New follower! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and led me here!

  2. congrats on winning..you are going to LOVE it! Julie's coozies are top notch! Looks like you have a nice plan for feb! Enjoy!

  3. Thank you both for stopping by and reading! I love both of your blogs!!!!!!


  4. Hooray! Congrats!! xoxo - Julie


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