Thursday, April 21, 2011

Menus and Bellies

30 weeks today!  Two more months! I feel like this pregnancy has gone so fast yet at the same time I can't remember what it was like NOT being pregnant!  My belly is growing right along with my little one and I am feeling great at the moment!  I am trying to walk as much as possible and doing my yoga routine more frequently!  And nesting....that is already in FULL effect!  For the next two months...I plan to send some "organic" pregnancy tips your way.  Maybe I will even keep doing it after the baby is born!  The pregnancy and birth world has really become a passion of mine and I LOVE to talk and share information about it.  Since I am working on becoming a doula, I feel writing on here about pregnancy and birth will only expand my knowledge about it!  So stay tuned in the next week for some awesome organic pregnancy talk!

My belly at.....28 weeks!

Sorry the lack of posts the past week or so.  This spring weather has kept me outside...planting, walking, playing, enjoying!  I am not going anywhere though.  My blog is staying and soon with a fresh look to it.  I am excited to share it with you all!  On to my menu for this week!  We have quite a few simple recipes for the week and then some fun ones for the fun weekend we have ahead!  Since this is Earth Week.....remember that one of the biggest things you can do to help our Earth is to cook and eat organic, local, and sustainable foods.  The foods we choose determine the health of the earth and our bodies!


MONDAY:  Baked salmon, sauteed asparagus, and brown rice

TUESDAY-  Vegetable Stir Fry over brown rice

WEDNESDAY-  Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

THURSDAY-  Dinner at a good friend's house

FRIDAY-  Happy Earth Day!  Light & Creamy Asparagus Pasta (We will be adding local sustainably caught shrimp to this dish).  I am also making Kale Chips as an appetizer. Recipe to follow!

SATURDAY-  Green Pizza with homemade dough

SUNDAY-  Happy Easter!  Having a family dinner at my aunt's house.  Making and bringing a Broccoli & Garlic Quiche!  Recipe to follow!

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What are you cooking this week?


"Eating Is An Environmental Act." -Alice Waters, Restaurateur/Environmental Activist


I love to hear your love!