Sunday, April 10, 2011

Music for the Soul- Ziggy Marley

If you walk into our house music is usually playing and you will find that a lot of the time that music is reggae or a form of reggae. We absolutely love to shake our booty to some reggae!  Shorty after our son was born, we were given a CD by Ziggy Marley called "Family Time".  A CD full of family and kids songs all by Ziggy Marley.......YES!!!!  The moment we heard the whole CD, we knew it would be a family favorite for years and years.  Just like most of Ziggy's music, this album is filled with messages of love, unity, generosity, compassion, fun, and peacefulness.  In my opinion, the perfect recipe for great encouraging childrens music!  Plus this CD really opened up the world of reggae music to my son and he loves it.  When asked what music he wants to listen to he either says "Ziggy" or "Rock N Roll."  And when we play Ziggy, my son knows every single word! 

It's so hard to pick a favorite Ziggy song, especially from this album.  So I had to pick two to share with you all.  Enjoy these great songs with your kids....or even if you don't have kids!!!!

The first one is called "Family Time".  We absolutely love this one, since it really enhances how special family time really is! 

This one is called "I Love You Too".  This is our absolute family favorite song of all!  It's all about love....what more would we want!?  As a family we are constantly telling each other that we love each other (like probably 100 times a day) and this song just helps express that when we sing and dance to it.  LOVE....LOVE....LOVE! 

Enjoy the music,

"I think Americans should have a policy of love. That should be the foreign policy, love. Export Love."- Ziggy Marley


  1. Funny, we were listening to Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers 'Jahmeka' this morning while making breakfast and roller skating around the house. Mentioned to the boys that I saw him live in concert almost 20 years ago!

    Thanks for sharing, I wasn't aware of that CD, will definitely check it out:)

  2. i wanna roller skate inside!

    we have been listening to "playing for change"
    and what a great Ziggy quote...
    export love, reap what you sow...
    blessings :)

  3. Julie....Roller skating inside sounds like a BLAST! You will love the CD, definitely check it out! One of my life goals, is to see Ziggy live. Thank for stopping by, Julie!


    Let's do this roller skate thing. Sounds fun! Playing for Change is amazing. Great music with an amazing message! Have you heard the newest song....Redemption Song? I want to do a fundraiser for their organization! I love you, Jess!

    Thanks for reading ladies,

  4. i love it! do you guys ever listen to 'greasy kid stuff' on 94.7 on saturday mornings with all the cool bands singing kid friendly tunes? love it.

    "look who's dancing" - always a lovely summer song by ZM...

  5. i haven't heard the new song...i will check it out...
    i love putting these songs on my playlist for the bar, gym, car, home!
    i heard a new album will be coming out at the end of May.
    Dave and I just saw Reviva (your hubby saw them with us...) who opened for the Wailers...good times, good times...
    you know i love you!

  6. Just saw that you are a follower of my blog... which led me to yours. I enjoyed the Ziggy Marley recommendation and downloaded several of the songs on iTunes to use in home videos. Thanks!

  7. Totally agree, we all need our hearts to sing.

  8. mmmm... love me some Ziggy. Thanks for the suggestion. I will be sure to check this one out!

  9. Thank you for the suggestion, sounds like a great CD. Also one that or family really enjoys is the Barenaked Ladie's kid's CD called "Snack Time" It's grown up music the kids enjoy, and it will not drive you crazy!.


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