Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Small Change- April

It's Earth Month!  The celebration and communication of our love for the planet is circulating this month!  Which in our household is EVERY month but this month always has an extra focus on the earth, with planting and being outside more.  We have a lot planned this month for our changes that will lessen our carbon footprint.  I can't wait to get to it.  

For those who are new to my blog...I am part of a campaign that challenges people to make a eco-friendly change monthly.  It doesn't have to be big, just something that will lessen your carbon footprint.  Check my first One Small Change blog here or the One Small Change Blog to read more about it. I just learned that the blog who hosts One Small Change has chosen to end One Small Change blog to allow more time for herself and her family.  I am sad to see it go but totally understand where she is coming from, I have felt the need to do this a few times.  I think I will continue my own little version of One Small Change, because it helps me to write and share about my goals and wishes for this planet.  I might call it something different but I will keep you informed with it in May. 

As usual, I am doing more than just one small change.  I just find that there is so much to do that I can't pick just one thing!  Here is my long yet fun list of changes for the month:

  • Making my own green, toxic free, all purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner.  We only buy toxic free and green cleaners in our home but I thought I would try making my own.  It will be less packaging and better for our bodies & the environment.  I am in the middle of researching the best way to do this.  Before April ends, I will post my recipe, pictures, and how it went.   Once I get these done, I will move onto other cleaners and household products.  My goal: removing most or all toxins out of my home! 
  • We are doing two tree plantings!  One is in my parents backyard.  The other is at a local park.  My son will be involved with both.  I strongly believe that children should be a part of helping our beautiful earth at an early age.  They are our future!  We have already done one planting in February and he loved it.  
  • The city is also putting on a Nature Walk at a local park for 3 and 4 year olds.  My son and I will go check it out! 
  • Attending an awesome Earth Day celebration, that City Repair puts on every year.  The event will be full of booths with sustainable living information, music, food, kids activities, community art projects, and community service projects.  We will make this a family day and enjoy the celebration of our earth and all that live on it. 
  • For Easter, we will be making our own natural toxic-free color dye to decorate our eggs with.  We will definitely take some pictures and post them.  
  • I am also continuing my "green" spring cleaning.  I am actually going to dedicate a whole blog about this, because its a fun subject with a lot to write about.   
Wow....that is a lot!  I like keeping myself busy, as long at it involves my family!  On top, of all of this we are also doing most of our planting for our backyard garden and our co-op farm.  Planting and waiting for the seeds to sprout is my favorite part of gardening....well besides eating the fresh produce that you grow yourself!

What changes are you making this month to lessen your carbon footprint?

Happy Earth Month,

"I'm not an environmentalist.  I'm an Earth warrior."  ~Darryl Cherney


    1. I love your ideas, alyson.
      I'll do my laundry detergent this month. it's time I try a recipe I've found.

      happy earth month :-)

    2. Well, it's probably no surprise that I really like that idea ... One Small Change. Whatever you end up calling it, I'm glad that you are going to continue and look forward to reading more. Hm ... maybe, after the daily challenges we're doing right now ... perhaps ... I'll have to send everyone over here to join your movement. :-)

      Thanks for all that you do!

    3. grandma down the streetApril 6, 2011 at 10:52 PM

      Baking soda and vinegar are two ingredients that you can clean with......

    4. as far as earth month is concerned, I hope you'll like this:



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