Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Celebrations & Menus

We were all over the board in our Spring & Easter celebrations.  My husband has been traveling a lot the past two months so he was gone for Easter and I went to Utah to help my sister in law have a baby.  So we had a family celebration at home and dyed eggs a week before Easter.  Then in Utah we had a small little family celebration.  Then back at home when daddy was with us...we had an egg hunt!  Haha....does that even make sense.

I love holidays, celebrations, birthdays, and gatherings because I believe it is important to gather with love ones for any reason at all!  And I love to reel in all the delicious food, love, and laughter that comes along with such celebrations.  So I had to make sure we were doing all the celebrating for Spring and Easter.  I could not get pictures for each celebration but I'm posting a few.

For the past two years we have dyed our eggs in all natural dye by boiling down different vegetables, spices, and teas.  We absolutely love doing it this way and we will never purchase store bought dye kit!   I believe it is way better for our bodies and our beautiful planet to stay away from these artificial dyes.  Ayden was very involved in every part of the work for this....from preparing the vegetables, to cooking them, to dying them, to eating them.  I think I enjoyed doing it with him just as much as he enjoyed doing it.

Yep....I totally put a bunny tail on my baby boy!  I think it is cute...he might not when he is a teenager!

Trying to get better at posting my menus.  I get such a great response when I do and I love sharing delicious, organic, healthy recipes.  We are looking forward to the season of copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits from our backyard, farms, and farmers markets!  


TUESDAY:  Out to dinner at a local Mediterran Restaurant

WEDNESDAY:  Fish tacos and black beans

THURSDAY:  Rice, Cheddar, & Spinach Pie and a fresh green salad

FRIDAY:  Spring Pizza and steamed artichokes

SUNDAY- Family Earth Day Dinner at my parents.....we are attending our local Earth Day festival and the farmers markets this weekend to find some delicious local and organic edibles to cook up!

What are you cooking this week??


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” - Virginia Woolf

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