Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I will be starting my Song of the Week back up soon but for this week...I am posting a song in remembrance and in hopefulness.

30 years ago today, John Lennon was shot to death in the name of hate and ignorance.  John Lennon was a beautiful human with a message of peace, hope, and truthfulness.  He touched this world with his music and beautiful words of peace.  I was born the same year John left this world, but I am glad that my parents played his music for me throughout my childhood.  Listening to his music as a child, helped me open my eyes to music and peace.  I will continue to dream of peace and do everything I can to spread peace.  Spend a few minutes today remembering him and refreshing your mind on why peace is important. 

Think peace.  Act peace.  Spread peace.  Imagine peace.

Peace, love, and understanding,

"I see the world through different eyes now. (But) I still believe in love, peace, and understanding." -John Lennon

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