Monday, February 14, 2011

Menus and Love

Happy Love Day everyone!  In our house, we celebrate our love for each other everyday, so today is just like yesterday!  BUT we do have a little fun with different projects, treats, and card making when celebrating Valentines Day.  Today I am just going to share with you a couple pictures of how we prepared for our "love" day.

Last week, we did some watercolor painting on recycled watercolor paper.  We then cut hearts out of the painted paper and made homemade cards with them.  All of our card making was from materials I already had at home.  The only thing I bought was the recycled watercolor paper, recycled card stock, and a cute owl stamp.  We had a lot of fun creating our own cards. 

This morning I made chocolate chip pancakes for my boys.  They were delicious!   My son and I then continued our morning with decorating organic chocolate cup cakes that I made last night.  At Whole Foods I found organic red licorice hearts and red sprinkles that were naturally dyed from beet juice.

On to our menu for the week.  Last week was unusual for us, our menu got a little messed up at the end of the week. We are usually pretty good at sticking to our menu but life happens and we just go with it.  At the last minute my husband got an out of state photo job and had to leave for the weekend.  So the menu for the weekend, got a little rearranged.  SO you will see a couple repeats this week because I didn't get to them last week.  Recipes and pictures will be coming soon for the cookbook recipes.  With the seasons slowly changing, I am getting excited for the growing season to start and fresh produce to start arriving.   Eat smart everyone!


MON:  Cod with Fennel Butter, Steamed Artichokes, and Roasted Rosemary Potatoes (*Recipe will be posted next week)

TUES:  Huevos Rancheros with Kale

WED:  Homemade Veggie Pizza with a fresh garden salad

THURS:  Salmon Croquettes and a fresh green salad (*Recipe will be posted next week)

FRI:  Farm meeting and dinner at our good friends house. 

SAT:  Falafel Pita Sandwiches with homemade Hummus and Tabbouleh 

SUN:  Out to dinner to celebrate my amazing Mother's Birthday!

Kale and fruit morning smoothies

For more meal planning inspirations, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie every Monday.

I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day and a beautiful start to your week.

Happy loving,

"Where there is love there is life."  -Mohandas Gandhi


  1. Wonderful shots and goodies! Looks like fun!

  2. Hi there, I just wanted to say I love reading your blog, and I especially love the quotes you put at the end of everyone- I love quotes too! And since I'd like to know more about you- I'm passing on the 'Stylish Blogger' award to you. It's a fun game of sorts- but coming up with 10 things is hard! Good luck- I'll be watching for your list! :) I think you can read mine if you click on my name... I think you follow me anyways... LOL sorry, I'm still learning about the linking thing! :)

  3. I love your photos! Beautiful! Lovely blog! Glad I found it via Ashley Sisk's blog :) I will most certainly be back to learn a little more about you!


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