Friday, January 7, 2011

3 + 1 = 4

This new year is bringing us a new beginning and a new adventure.  In the beginning of the summer we will be welcoming our new lil bundle of joy to our family.  I am due June 29th and we couldn't be more excited to be expanding our little family.  I am now 15 weeks pregnant and growing my baby bump every day.  In fact, when I first found out I was pregnant at 4.5 weeks, I swear my baby bump showed up right away.  My body new exactly what was it was saying "Oh yah...I have done this before!"

Being a mother and having a growing, loving, amazing family has always been my dream.  I am happy!!!!  Happier than I have ever been with myself and my life!  I absolutely love everything about being pregnant.....the excitement yet nervousness when finding out, being tired, my lovely lady bump, having this amazing little person growing inside of me, helping to create life, bringing a little one into this beautiful yet scary world, striving to be the healthiest I ever have been in my life, meditating with my mind and my little baby inside, having my husband and son rub my belly and give kisses to the baby, and all the extra love I already feel.  It is an amazing feeling!  I could be pregnant 20 times over again.  NOT joking!  :)  Though I am beyond ecstatic about being pregnant  again, it also brings me nostalgia and sentimental feelings. This will probably be my last pregnancy.  Though Drew and I want to continue to grow our little family, we have decided that there are a lot of babies and children out in this world that don't have families.  Someday, way far into the future, we want to adopt another child.  This will be in years to 5 or 6 years maybe more but it is something we have always talked about. 

So I am cherishing and soaking in EVERY single feeling and moment in this pregnancy.  I am going to embrace it all, even the days when I am feeling like poop.  So I may write and talk about this pregnancy a lot.....bare with me here.  We are hoping to have the baby in a birth home or at our own home.....that is if our insurance comes through for us (which is a whole other topic).  I am yearning to have an out of hospital birth and hope that it can happen.  We have started a relationship with a wonderful midwife at Alma Midwifery and hope that we can continue that relationship.  We will be doing lots of hoping and wishing that the insurance company does the right thing.  Happy thoughts only!

We want to continue with the "A" names just like the rest of our little family!  So we are in search of more "A" names.  Do you have any suggestions?  Feel free to leave a comment with any "A" names you may think of!

The last time I will probably see my feet for few months!

Be well friends,


"I loved you before I knew you." ~ Unknown


  1. Names:
    Andrea :)

    Why do I keep coming up with girl names??
    Maybe its a sign???

  2. Alabama...haha just kidding

  3. Thank you all! I love some of the name suggestions! There are so many choices. We have started an awesome list of names we like! :) Thank you all for reading!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and it is lovely! Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a lovely post.
    Happy New Year,

  5. Nicola...

    Thank you for visiting and for the kind words. I checked out your blog and loved it....I will be returning to read more! Thank you again.
    Alyson (PeacefulMamma)

  6. My sister and her husband named their daugher, who was adopted from China, Amaya. Anya is another one. Also a friend of ours is named Arianna, Ari for short:)


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