Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Word of the Year

After much thought, I have finally decided on my little word of the year and finished our special intention list with my husband.  Just like last year....I had to take some time to reflect and meditate on my amazing year and what I wanted out of this new year.  I am excited for this new year!  I am more motivated, feel more at peace, and ready to face some amazing changes.  I know this year will bring more learning, more growing and more reasons to celebrate life and this earth. 

So my little word of the year....the word that I believe will sum up my 2011 year....the word that will be my guide.....the word that my little family will all practice together.....the word that I believe is strong and powerful.....


Compassion. Noun.  Sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it. 

This definition is part of the reason why I chose this word because I want to bring more compassion into our household this year.  Since I was little I have always felt a desire to help others in need and I have carried that desire into my adulthood.  I want to do more for others and I want to teach my children about compassion and helping others in need.  With that being said, personally, I feel like I need to twist the definition of compassion a little.  I don't feel that compassion should be limited to just people with distress.  I feel that we should bring compassion to all living things....trees, animals, all human beings alike.  It is important that I do my best to bring peace to this world and teach my children the same. I feel that compassion to all living things is the best start towards peace.  So this is my little word of the year.  I am excited to start doing things with that word in my mind.

My husband and I wrote our intentions list and hopes of this promising new year.  We are using my intentions list/blog from January 2010 as a guide because we want to carry our ideals into the new year (with some slight adjustments and new additions).

Our wishes and hopes for 2011:
  • That we live in the moment and be present with everything that surrounds us especially our children.  We don't want to miss a beat with our kids for they will be all grown up before we know it.  Everything else can wait, while we enjoy our kids now! 
  • To continue to stay peaceful and respectful to all living things
  • That we see the joy in all things
  • To continue to be a guide, to nurture, to protect, and to unconditionally love our son and our new little one!
  •  To love and be kind with all of our hearts.
  •  To show our children all the beauties of the world.
  •  To continue to love each other unconditionally with respect and understanding.
  •  To always remember to cherish the relationships we have with those who do love and support us   unconditionally.
  •  That our passion and love for photography continues to grow in our business.
  •  To have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Our list of intentions for 2011:
  • Staying fit through this pregnancy and after.  Continue my love for yoga and meditation.
  • Continue our journey of sustainable, organic, healthy, local foods. 
  • Start our 2nd year on our farm with some amazing friends, growing organic produce together. 
  • Continue our goal towards buying a house. We want a house on some land so that we can have a little farm, grow some wine grapes, and build a photo studio.  We have extended our goal to 2015, knowing that realistically it will probably take that long since we are putting some traveling ahead. 
  • Continue my long time process of organizing and rearranging our home and life. 
  • Begin the studying and research of homeschooling vs. public schools for our son. 
  • Tour a couple of Co-op Preschools.  (This will help with the research above.)
  • Becoming a doula. I am starting my doula traning program this Sunday.  :)  I have a strong passion for wanting to help women with emotional support, encouragement, and wisdom throughout labor, birth, and the postpartum.
  • Continue to build our marriage and family with communication, understanding, respect, appreciation, and love. Raising our children in this environment is important to us.  
  • Continue saving! 
  • More travels this year!
  • To learn how to knit and crochet. I am hoping my Aunt will help me with this. 
  • To use my sewing machine more.
  • To show our appreciation to our loved ones more!
  • To continue to work towards finishing my schooling.
  • Continue the need to help others especially the smallest ones.  And teach my children this importance.
  • LIVE sustainable and green!  We are taking steps towards a greener earth and living as sustainable as possible.  Upcycle and recycle!  
  • To keep our house peaceful and full of love! 
Of course, I will be using my little word of the year, compassion, to achieve every one of these. 

For years to follow, I will use my 2010 intention/hope list as a base with adjustments on what is new in our lives.  I like that it's a good refresher for the beginning of each year!  It is time to wrap up the amazing past year, and welcome the promising new year.

Happy New Year to you and yours!  May 2011 fill your hearts will all sorts of love and peace.

Be well friends,


"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion."-Dalai Lama



    It's a natural progression of the way you're already parenting - intentional, compassionate, thoughtful.

  2. are right about that! And thanks for reading my blog! I really want to come visit The Village Center. That place sounds amazing! And sit and chat about homeschooling with you!


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