Friday, January 21, 2011


My husband and I don't usually do things the "normal" and expected way and that included our honeymoon.  We paid for a lot of our wedding celebration and being a new family, we didn't have a lot of money to go on an extravagant, fancy honeymoon.  And to be very honest, I am so glad we didn't!

We decided to drive down to San Francisco and join our favorite musician, Michael Franti, celebrate his annual Power to the Peaceful Festival.  This was by far one of the most memorable and amazing experiences of my life!  We got to see Franti play three times and meet him personally during our stay in San Francisco.  The festival was three days long full of music, yoga, workshops, food, and forums.  On the last day of the festival, Michael Franti held an intimate gathering at the San Francisco's Herbst Theatre.  This gathering was a Celebration & Global Action Forum with the organization, CARE, which he is an ambassador for.  The celebration included workshops on what we can do as individuals to stop poverty, defend girl's & women's rights, and fight global hunger worldwide.  The day ended with a reception and an intimate acoustic concert by Michael Franti, where we were able to meet and speak with him briefly.  He even signed his childrens book for our son. It was such an eye-opening and motivating experience. This celebration introduced us to the organization CARE and I instantly new I wanted to learn more about them.   I have been wanting to write about CARE, since our honeymoon and finally after a year I am doing it. 

Since our trip, I have followed CARE through their websites and have desired do more for this organization.  CARE is a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.  They have a special focus on working with poor women because equipped with the proper tools, women have the power to help families and communities escape poverty.  They have many campaigns within their one organization.  One that I am drawn to and hope that I can be apart of one day is Mothers Matter.  Mothers Matter is a campaign that helps educate pregnant mothers and keep them safe during labor in poverty stricken areas.   They provide educated midwives, doctors, and doulas to these areas to help reduce the high percentage of maternal mortality while maintaining the respect and honor of their cultures.  They help educate and build strength in these mothers, so they have a chance to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and labor.  AMAZING!  I really hope to work with this program one day or one just like it.

Pregnant mamas and giving support during labor is a passion of mine especially mamas that come from poverty.  They need support just like everyone else.  That is why I am so drawn to this organization and why I write today about them.  The other campaigns are just as amazing by providing education, resources to help adapt & avoid climate change, tools to protect and educate against AIDS/HIV, and resources to allow women to start small businesses throughout Africa. It is an amazing organization that works globally and might even be in an area close to you.  I have connected with some of the individuals who work at CARE and they are sending me an "action kit", which will provide me with tools to be able to help spread the word of CARE.  Which is the point of my post today. They need advocates, volunteers, donations, and voices from so many.  I hope that this can inspire some of you to check out their website. 

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  1. CARE is a beautiful organization. I am glad you are involved with them.

    And Michael Franti is one of my favourite musician. I've seen him a few times in concert and met him out on the streets of Calgary once. Love him so much. He is a gentle soul with a powerful voice. I've always wanted to make it down to the Power to the Peaceful festival.

    Take care.

  2. Sara, Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I just got my action kit from CARE in the I am sure I will share more info once I go through it all!

    Isn't Michael amazing!! Even as he gets more and more popular, he remains true to himself and his message. He isn't the type to sell out! You should definitely check out Power to the is an incredible festival!


  3. A wonderful honeymoon I think. Care is wonderful,, I spend much of my time clicking away :)


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