Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are getting married at Camp Westwind!

Before I was even engaged I knew that I wanted to be married on a beach facing the Ocean. When I met Andrew he shared the same dream with me. So it was not hard to choose what area we wanted to get married BUT it was hard to find a place that we really liked on the Oregon Coast. We both really wanted a beautiful private beach with a lodge. We looked everywhere and then we found the PERFECT place.....Camp Westwind. Some of you might already know about Camp Westwind because it holds Outdoor School and YWCA summer camps. It had everything that we wanted plus more. It is 6 miles north of Lincoln City where the Salmon River meets the great Pacific Ocean. I was able to get a few pictures of the place but it is just so beautiful in person.

This is the lodge where the reception will be held. Hopefully if the weather cooperates we will be having the music on the deck. Since we have rented the entire camp we don't have to stop playing music at 10pm. We can play music as long as we want! Inside there is a huge room where the dinner will be served. In the picture you can see the upstairs windows. Those are the windows to the "bridal" room, where my bridesmaids and I will be getting ready. You should see the view from that room! The other side of the lodge. This is also the start of the path to the beach where the ceremony will be held. It is about 250 feet from the lodge.
The path to the beach. Where the tree line ends is where the beach begins. I am trying to figure out how I will line the path way. Flowers, candles, or lights???? Sorry ladies, as you can see NO high heels.

Where the ceremony will be held. Totally private!!!

Looking to the right.

The Salmon River and the ferries that we take to get to camp.

Some of the cabins that guests can stay in if they choose.

We are SO excited and happy we found the "perfect" place for us. We will keep everyone informed on details.

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