Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Mama

Happy Thanksgiving...........Here are some things that I am thankful for....
  • My loving fiance who loves me for me and pushes me to be myself.
  • My amazing son who reminds me everyday what unconditional love is.
  • My entire family who have always been there for me.
  • My friends that stick by me through thick and thin.
  • That my mother is healthier.
  • That my sister has been in Bend the past few months. She has been so helpful.
  • My loving brother who sticks up for me. I do miss him!!
  • My best friend, Mel, who is by my side no matter what and gives me the best advice.
  • My crazy dog, Jackson
  • That my Aunt MJ, Uncle AC, and Grandma Josie moved to Tualatin. I love having them so close to me.
  • That my Grandpa Herb is 89 and still with us.
  • For all types of brings so much joy in my life.
  • For this beautiful earth that we are all so blessed to live on.
  • For what Mother Nature brings
  • For hugs and kisses
  • For Barack Obama and the new hope that he brings our country.
  • For all of Andrew's family for excepting me into their family.
  • For food that we are able to put on our table everynight
  • For getting married next year to my best friend
  • For all the new friends that I have met.
  • The fact that I have a chance to go back to school
  • For everyone that brings peace to this world

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